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i.MX23 Processor

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i.MX23 Reference Manual”>

i.MX23 Reference Design
i.MX23 Reference Schematic – Rev.C

i.MX23 Layout and Industrial Design Guidelines
This application note describes proper design, placement, and routing techniques for the i.MX23 applications processor.
i.MX23 Layout and Industrial Design Guidelines

i.MX233 Power Management Unit and Battery Charger
The i.MX233 includes a highly-efficient and comprehensive power supply. It is powered by a Li-Ion battery or 5 V power source and generates five internal power rails through two separate supplies. All the hardware in the PMU must be configured through firmware. The i.MX233 requires direct modifications to registers in the power block. Following application note describes the battery charger block and provides instructions to charge a battery. The power savings features of the i.MX233 are also described.

i.MX23 Power Consumption Calculator
The power consumption calculator provide an estimation of typical system power under different CPU clock frequencies and device configurations. Download link:

The i.MX Manufacturing Tool (MfgTool) is designed to flash firmware onto storage devices like NAND and SD. The MfgTool from Freescale runs under Windows. The application is not designed to test the devices or to diagnose manufacturing problems. Download link: i.MX Manufacturing Tool

i.MX23 ROM Error Codes

128LQFP and 169 BGA differences

Function 128 LQFP 169 BGA
External Memory Interface 1 chip enable 64MB 2 chip enable 128MB
General Purpose Media Interface (GPMI) 8-bit data NAND data width 16-bit data NAND data width
LCD Interface (LCDIF) 8-bit serial 8-bit serial 24-bit parallel
Mono Speaker Amplifier No Yes
Serial Audio Interface (I2S) 0 2
A/D Channels 2 6
UARTs 1 Debug UART 1 App UART 1 Debug UART 2 App UARTs
Synchronous Serial Ports (SSP) SSP1 – 4-bit data SSP1 – 8-bit data
Rotary Encoder Muxed with PWM Dedicated
Real Time Clock (RTC) 24MHz 32kHz and 24MHz
PWM Channels 3 5

i.MX233 Application Processor

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