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New Product in stock: ESP8266EX-WIFI-MOD

ESP8266EX-WIFI-MOD is module based on Espressif’s ESP8266 WiFi SoC.  Module, also known as ESP-1, is most common variant with integrated PCB antenna and 2×4  2.54mm header.  ESP8266 offers a very inexpensive  way to expand micro-controller’s projects with Internet connection.


ESP8266EX is a 802.11bgn WiFi chip, that can is used in IoT applications, and integrates the following components:
1. Tensilica L106 low power 32-bit MCU that can run at up 160MHz
2. 10-bit ADC
3. internal SRAM
4. GPIO x16 (up to 5 used for interface with flash)
5. power management
6. all RF components
7. WiFi baseband, MAC, TCP/IP
8. advance standby and sleep modes
9. SPI / UART / SDIO connectivity

The application code is usually stored on an external NOR flash device; for a typical application 512kB is more than enough. The flash is accessed through a cache; about 35kB internal SRAM is available to the user for stack and temporary storage.

ESP8266EX is typically used in applications ranging from smart switches, smart lighting, smoke detectors, gas sensors, temperature-humidity sensors, smart displays, etc.

Modules were put on the market  very recently, with little open source manufacturer documentation but there are very active community forums and  SoC manufacturer’s  forum.   Here we put together  getting started with ESP8266EX-WIFI-MOD.

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