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ESP8266EX-WiFi-MOD ESP-12E is the development board for ESP8266EX with UART0, GPIOs and ADC pin exposed. Can be soldered to PCB or used with 2mm pin headers.

 ESP8266EX Features

Tensilica L106 low power 32-bit MCU that can run at up 160MHz
10-bit ADC
internal SRAM
GPIO x16 (up to 5 used for interface with flash)
power management
all RF components
WiFi baseband, MAC, TCP/IP
advance standby and sleep modes
SPI / UART / SDIO connectivity


ESP8266 vendor’s wiki
ESP8266 community wiki


Note: On bottom row are exposed SPI Flash pins. They can’t be used as application (GPIO) pins.

Price: $6.95$5.95
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