A Polish victim of Norwegian television. The cameras showed too much. There is a reaction

Izabela Marcisz is one of Poland’s greatest hopes for the future of cross-country skiing. He has a junior world championship and several world championship medals in junior age. At the Beijing Games, she achieved the best results among the Polish team, and she did better in the combined race, as she took 16th place.

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Shame on you organizers. The cameras were showing too much

Poland start this weekend in Norway’s Lillehammer, where the World Cup competitions are held. On Friday, the ladies took part in the 10 km race using the skating technique. Izabela Marcisz finished the competition in 39th place, scoring 12 points overall. There was a scandalous situation during the competition. The Polish woman was filmed on Norwegian TV changing her outfit.

The end of the mess in the Polish team. PZN gave in. “It can’t happen anymore”

– In Finland we had a separate dressing room, the conditions were very good. Here it is embarrassing for women when it is necessary to change clothes. It would be nice to do something about it, because it was uncomfortable for me – commented Marcisz.

– I’m ashamed, but I think the race organizers are more ashamed than me – she said. Full approval of the Polish position was voiced by one of the best players in the world, Frida Karlsson, who decided that it shouldn’t be. – It is a mistake. There’s a lot going on before the race and we don’t think it will be recorded – the Swede pointed out.

And although most of the running community agrees that something needs to be changed regarding the placement of TV cameras in the mixed zone, so far there is no indication that the FIS will take such action. The World Cup director acknowledges that it is a matter of intuition and heightened caution by working journalists and cameramen, who in turn argue they are acting within world federation rules.

P¦ Director: “It’s a regrettable incident”

– It was an unintentional and regrettable incident. We are in contact with television and the Polish team – assured us Michal Lamplot, director of the World Cup since this season. – There is a large changing tent at the finish line, accessible also from the pre-start area, as we are aware of the needs of the competitors. We will ensure that everyone working in the mixed zone is reminded to respect the personal space and privacy of athletes, he added.

– We would like it not to be visible. But it went so fast that it wasn’t until later that we realized what had happened. Our camera is compatible with organizer and FIS settings, so hopefully they will take care of it. We don’t want this kind of material ever to be shown – commented press officer Jan-Petter Dahl for Dagbladet.

Sport.pl’s situation was also commented on by another of our representatives, Monika Skinder. – Immediately after leaving, when Iza came for a meal, she told about this incident. I think the cameras should be positioned so that they don’t cover the area for players from different countries. You change your clothes there before the start, the concentration lasts, you sweat after the warm-up and you have to put on dry clothes. You have to set the cameras differently – admitted another of our players.

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