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TRONDHEIM (Dagbladet): At the end of June, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority carried out an inspection at Femund Lodge in Elgå, near Femunden.

The accommodation is owned by Lars Monsen AS, which in turn is wholly owned by outdoor enthusiast Lars Monsen.

In the inspection report, which Dagbladet saw, it appears that the Norwegian Food Safety Authority found several less serious breaches of the regulations.

– Terribly difficult

We remind you that you have a duty to follow all the rules that apply to your business. If we find that you repeat the violation of the rules, we will consider making a decision and correction in the smiley reportsays the report, where Femund Lodge gets a smiley face, which is the highest rating.

The accommodation also received a smiley face during the two previous inspections, in August 2021 and June 2022. During the July 2021 inspection, the site received a warning, meaning “something needs to be fixed”.

Dagbladet tried to get in touch with Monsen’s press contact, Elin Berntsen. She did not respond to our requests.

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During the June inspection, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority observed:

  • The gas stove had lots of grease splatters on it, but it hadn’t been used today.
  • The ice maker had a blue-green coating on the frame around where the ice cubes are made.
  • A few crumbs and leftover food on the floor and benches and it was said that not everything had been cleaned and washed after the weekend festival.
  • Some grease stains on the cabinet doors.

They believed in this case that the regulations “is broken to a lesser degree“.

REACTS: Swedish football commentator Richard Henriksson who shared the video on his Twitter account. It warns against animal cruelty. Reporter: Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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The Norwegian Food Safety Authority also made the following observations:

  • The door frame between the kitchen and the space is not fully listed. The floor covering between the two rooms was not welded, there was a gap between the coverings of the two rooms.
  • The kitchen bench in between had a strip of untreated wood towards the floor. – A plinth was missing in the space.
  • Missing a door frame between the warehouse and the outdoor bar, exposed woodwork.
  • Untreated wood between the dish service and the warehouse.

For this they believed that “the observation shows that the regulation has been violated in a less serious way“.

From the depths after 50 years

From the depths after 50 years

The acting head of department of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s Glåmdal and Østerdal department, Thale Wangen, describes the results as normal and that there are no major deviations.

– It is not uncommon for companies to receive this feedback from us if we find that there are points that could have been cleaned better, or that there is a small lack of maintenance, specifies Wangen.

– Deviations will have no greater consequences than being followed up in the next inspection, and will not result in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority returning to Femund Lodge sooner, it said. she told Dagbladet.

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