Canada Hit by Severe Floods: – Of Biblical Proportions

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FLOODED: Abandoned cars outside a supermarket in Halifax, Canada on Saturday.

Three months of rain in one day flooded the Canadian province of Nova Scotia over the weekend, the provincial minister said.


– We had biblical proportions with rain last night and throughout the day, Halifax Mayor Mike Savage said Saturday, writing CNN.

– This is an extraordinary event, following the wildfires of not so long ago, as well as Hurricane Fiona last fall, he adds.

A major forest fire in the Halifax area, which started in May of this year, destroyed 151 homes. More than 16,000 people were evacuated. Today, citizens are struck by a new disaster.

FLOODED: Bedford, Nova Scotia seen from the air on Saturday.

Streets are flooded, people have been evacuated and four people are missing after their cars were swept away in two separate incidents.

Two of the missing are children.

– Last night we searched a flooded field and found a pick-up truck with no one on board. We believe this is the car the two children were traveling in, Canadian police said in a statement. statement sunday.

Three people who were in the same car as the two children managed to escape.

– I can’t help but think of these families and these four people. I want them to know that we are doing everything we can. I know the whole province is with me as I pray for their safe return home, Nova Scotia Provincial Minister Tim Houston said at a press conference.

According to the minister, this weekend, about 250 millimeters of rain fell in one day in the province.

– We received three months of rain in less than 24 hours. It came quickly and it came violently.

He tells of enormous damage:

  • 19 bridges in the neighborhood were damaged. Six of them are completely destroyed.
  • Several roads are completely closed and many people are isolated.

– It’s absolutely amazing to see the power of water and what it has caused. We are working as quickly as possible to reopen our roads, he said.


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