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Basefarm changes its name –

The company writes this in a press release on Monday. The company is a European operational provider of mission-critical IT solutions for society and enterprises in the public and private cloud. In August 2018, Basefarm was acquired by French telecommunications

Mowi, Grieg Seafood and Cermaq succeed

– Mowi, Grieg Seafood and Cermaq are upheld by the court in Canada that the government’s phase-out of open-air salmon farming along the country’s west coast is invalid. He shows documents from the federal court in the area, according to

Slightly better than expected from Mowi in Q1

The company reports this in a quarterly update Wednesday morning. According to estimates from various brokerage houses obtained by Infront, an operating operating result of 205 million euros was anticipated in advance. The slaughter volume was 97,000 tonnes over the

How to reduce the risk of bad GDPR fines

Unfortunately, there are no ready-made risk assessments that every company can refer to to ensure that the new requirements are met. Each company must therefore document that it has assessed the risks of the supplier’s information security and data processing