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How to reduce the risk of bad GDPR fines

Unfortunately, there are no ready-made risk assessments that every company can refer to to ensure that the new requirements are met. Each company must therefore document that it has assessed the risks of the supplier’s information security and data processing

Mowi Exceeds Expectations | Finansavisen

Mowi achieved operating profit from operations of around 320 million euros in the second quarter of 2022, according to an update of the company’s results on Monday. According to estimates obtained by Infront, operating profit from operations of 315 million

NMS became a member of KA – Vårt Land

– We naturally belong to KA, says General Secretary Helge S. Gaard of the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS), who announced a transfer of the Virke business organization. He justifies his request to join KA as follows: – NMS is a