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First podium in three months

– It’s quite overwhelming to take third place. It’s been a battle this season with the car and as a team, says Hamilton, and thanks those working behind the scenes. – We are getting closer and just have to continue,

– Absolutely crazy!

TORONTO, Canada (TV 2): It’s not every day Norwegian films are selected for North America’s biggest film festival, but Saturday night it happened to the team behind Krigsseileren. – Now we’re going to show the film to the world and

The body is not made for this

The 23-year-old from Snarøya therefore ended the 2022 season on clay with a title. He managed to defend his title from last year when he rose to the top of the Swiss Open in Gstaad last week. He was then

Britney Spears takes on Christina Aguilera

On Instastories, Britney Spears responds like Christina Aguilera responds, when ET Canada asks if she’ll be celebrating with Spears following the lifting of her 13-year conservatorship. – No, we’re not doing that tonight, I’m sorry, answers one of those with