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Although this year’s Easter holidays are almost over, there is still snow and an Easter atmosphere in several places in the country. This means that not everyone has cleaned their skis or ski gear for the season.

The fine weather on Saturday in northern Norway also led to people flocking to the slopes, making for quite a busy day for HRS Northern Norway.

The fear is back

On Twitter this afternoon, they reported that Tromsø and Bodø rescue helicopters had been alerted to help those who had had bad luck on the ski slope.

– It’s sunny – that’s what happened. Unfortunately, I don’t have an overview of the actual sequence of events for skiers who received help from HRS. The weather is great in several places in northern Norway, which means there are a lot of people skiing today. This naturally leads to an accident or two, the press officer tells Dagbladet.

Moreover, he adds that there are several places in and around Tromsø that are good for skiing, so he thinks that many people take the opportunity to take a long trip in good weather.

– And we understand that people do that, but from experience it is that when there are a lot of people traveling, there are also a lot of people who fall.

At Raudalen in Valdres, skiers can be taken to the top of the Slettefjellet with a pedal machine. This makes the leader of the Association for the Conservation of Nature react. Journalist: Mia Engenes Bratlie. Video: Stine Bækkelien / NRK
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Although there are no reports of difficult conditions or adverse weather conditions, the press watch asks skiers to take their precautions before setting out on a long trip.

– You always have to be careful, and maybe have some awareness of your own skills? HRS understands that it’s tempting to go on a long trip, but then you have to be smart enough. You should also go with someone else – and not alone. Then it should normally be fine.

Conflict in the Kremlin: Called into the mat

Conflict in the Kremlin: Called into the mat

The warning to exercise caution does not come without a reason; earlier in April there were several large avalanches in Lyngen which claimed the lives of several people.

Frenchmen Roger Pourtau, Andrè Vignot, Patrick Cariat were among those who perished in the Lyng Alps.

Additionally, Italian Matteo Cazzola also lost his life in the deadly avalanches.

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