Computer chips are crucial to Putin’s war machine. This is how the Russians circumvent the American ban.

In 2017, Russian authorities released this photo, which shows a long-range cruise missile fired from a Russian ship. Now the Russians may have a problem with limited access to microchips, which are very important for this type of missile.

The Russians are denied the purchase of military technology. This could become a problem in Ukraine. But the Russians have already shown they can circumvent US sanctions.

In the spring of 2015, a package of more than 100 computer chips arrived at Ilias Sabirov’s office in Moscow. The businessman has been supplying the Russian army with electronic equipment from the United States for several years, according to him.

Until 2014, this was no problem, but then Putin annexed the Crimean peninsula.

The United States and several countries responded with a series of sanctions. Among other things, restrictions on the sale of microchips that can be used in missiles and military satellites. It was this type of chip that arrived at Sabirov’s office, according to the Reuters news agency.

Seven years later, Russia is again hit by a series of sanctions. The objective is to limit or make impossible the Russian war in Ukraine. But the 2015 case is just one example of how the Russians have time and again circumvented Western sanctions.

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