Curling – World Cup: the United States, Canada and Scotland win

The World Mixed Team Curling Championship day two competition is behind us. On Sunday (April 24), three gaming sessions took place in Geneva. Teams USA, Canada and Scotland didn’t give their rivals a chance twice, winning high in their games.

Session 4

The second day of the competition started with the Group B matches. In their second game of the tournament, the Canadians defeated the Spanish national team. The North American players won up to five ends, giving the Spaniards only one point in rounds 1. and 6. With the score at 2: 8, the European team abandoned the match, seeing no hope to compete with the top-ranked rival. The American team also scored six points, beating Turkey 12:6. The last: third, fifth and seventh, in which the players of this country scored a total of 11 points, decided the high victory of the Americans. The Turks, like the Spaniards, abandoned the match after seven rounds of competition. The representatives of Scotland and Germany won very convincing victories during this session. The first beat Australia 9:4, and the second beat the Hungarian team 10:4. Both games ended one round before regular time. The most equal game of this session was England – Czech Republic. The first two sets of this duel were won by the Czechs, the next two by the English and then, with a score of 2: 2, the representatives of our southern neighbors played a sensational end by winning it with four “points”. . The players from the islands tried to catch up, but the advantage obtained in this round was enough for the Czechs until the end of the match and gave them the final victory by 7: 4.

photo session 5

In Group A, the Italians took the third victory. Representatives of the Apennine Peninsula had long been losing to South Korea. After five finals, the Asian team led 5:4, but the Europeans then won the remaining three rounds and eventually won 7:5, thus cementing themselves at the top of the standings. A very balanced match could be watched by the fans of Denmark and Norway, even if the end result shows the latter’s dominance. The whole match was point by point until the sixth round. Then the Norwegians won with five stones and beat their Scandinavian rivals 9:2. After two wins, the hosts suffered the first defeat of the tournament. The Swiss presented well, but lost slightly against Japan 6:8. The most one-sided game of this session was the match between Finland and New Zealand. The Scandinavians won 11:1 and left the team from the Antipodes no chance. The Estonian curlers started their match very well, they were leading 5-2 with Sweden until halftime. The second half, however, was the performance of the Trzy Korony team, which they eventually won 10:8.

Session 6

In the second session of Group B, the Canadians picked up another victory. The group leaders beat Turkey 10:5, although they did not claim victory until the seventh end, which they won by five points. The Scottish game was similar, and they share the top spot in Group B with Canada. The islanders won 9-3 with the Czech Republic, but the last round, in which they scored four “points”, was decisive. The second big win that day was also won by the Americans, beating the Spaniards 8:2. The clash between Australia and Germany had an interesting run. The Oceania team led 5-2 two ends before the end of the match, only to lose 5-6. The last clash of the day was the duel between Hungary and England. The Magyar side were leading 8-2 after five sets and although the English started chasing their rivals, they only managed to come within two points. The Hungarians won 8:6, their second victory in this tournament.

Session 4

Canada – Spain 8:2

USA – Turkey 12:6

England – Czech Republic 4:7

Scotland – Australia 9:4

Germany v Hungary 10:4

photo session 5

Denmark – Norway 2: 9

Italy – Korea 7:5

Japan – Switzerland 8:6

Finland – New Zealand 11:1

Sweden – Estonia 10:8

Session 6

Canada – Turkey 10:5

Australia – Germany 5:6

Czech Republic – Scotland 3:9

USA – Spain 8:2

Hungary v England 8:6

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