Cycling “around the world” in Fosshagen

The specially adapted bikes in Fosshagen are used a lot during the day. Throughout the month of October, the resource center takes part in the Mondial de la route for seniors, also called the CM du vélo pour les seniors.

The bikes are suitable for older people, and you can use your arms or legs depending on your level of function. Some bikes are also motorized. While pedaling, cyclists can watch movies of the road in large parts of Norway and around the world. Road films are filmed at the speed of a bicycle and have been developed to evoke memories, stimulate conversation and create an experience of mastery.

– Yesterday I cycled in Hemsedal. Yes, I even went to Canada, says Kjellbjørg Sandmoe, 84, who lives in Fosshagen.

Bikes for memories

Sandmoe is an avid participant in the cycling world championship and can cover up to one mile a day.

– I’m not participating for us to win, and just think it’s fun, she said.

Per Sørensen (80) is also a committed cyclist. Before moving to Lier many years ago, he lived in Kristiansund. With the help of the road films, he can pedal down familiar streets.

– In the kindergarten where my wife worked, he said during the “trip”.

Older people can also choose the music, and Sørensen always tends to request country music for pedaling.

Here you can read more about Road World for seniors

Must experience mastery

This is the first time that Fosshagen has taken part in the World Cycling Championship for the elderly. Even several older people have used specially adapted bicycles in the past, Siv Aida Nygård Berntzen, who is an activist in Fosshagen, can say that interest has exploded.

– Our most important goal is to raise the level of engagement and be active. And of course they have control and good feelings, she says.

The objective this year is therefore not to win the entire world championship, but there will still be a medal ceremony.

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