Danish report: the great powers will challenge the world order

A leaked draft report paints a grim picture of the prospects for world peace. According to the report’s analysis, the world is approaching a new cold war, where the great powers will challenge the world order as we know it today, writes the Danish TV2.

The report poses major threats to Denmark, according to the channel.

– It will be very brutal

The content of the report is not something that can be ignored by Danish politicians, says Lars Bangert Struwe, secretary general of Danish security policy think tank Atlantsamssumningen.

– It will mean pennies and pennies for all of us. This means that part of the tax krone should not be used for more welfare, but rather the funds should be transferred from social benefits to increased defence, says Struwe, who previously served as a special consultant to the Danish ministry. de la Défense, on Danish television TV2.

It is the threats from China and Russia in particular that pose the greatest challenges to Danish security.

There are great powers competing for who will rule the world, and China and Russia will have their mark there. And it’s going to be very brutal, said Bangert Struwe.

Became darker after the Ukrainian War

In 2020, the analysis group was commissioned by the Danish government to examine the country’s security situation for the future. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine on February 24 this year, the analysis darkened along the way, according to Bangert Struwe.

Therefore, he believes that such a report will not be pushed aside by politicians.

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