De Bruyne frustrated at TV 2:

None of the World Cup captains arrived on the pitch in Qatar with the ‘OneLove’ bandage wrapped around their arm.

Belgium captain Eden Hazard, who belongs to one of the seven countries in the World Cup campaign, told TV 2 after the match against Canada that he regretted not defying the ban on International Football Association (Fifa).

Teammate Kevin De Bruyne shrugs when asked by TV 2 about his teammate’s comments and the debate that raged over the introduction of the World Cup.

– What do you want me to say? Everyone has opinions about many things. It is not necessary to discuss it here. This is something that should be discussed at a much higher level than us players. We players can focus on things, but we’re not allowed to say anything, De Bruyne tells TV 2.

– You can’t risk a yellow card when two yellows lead to a suspension. There are seven matches in this tournament. I think people understand, continues the Manchester City star.

Belgian hero prepares after World Cup victory

It has also been reported that even stronger reactions could wait if the players defy the FIFA ban.

– It’s not my decision. Talk to Fifa, Kevin De Bruyne answers TV 2’s follow-up question on what he thinks of Fifa’s refusal to use ‘OneLove’ towels.

– Everyone knows our thoughts

De Bruyne’s club mate Ilkay Gündogan and the rest of the German squad held their hands over their mouths as the team photo was taken ahead of the World Cup premiere against Japan earlier on Wednesday.

– It’s good, it’s good, comments De Bruyne on leaving the TV 2 interview.

Belgian stopper Toby Alderweireld thinks there is no doubt about the position of the players, regardless of the bandage they have on their arm.

– It’s up to him (Hazard) to decide. Each country makes its own decision. The message is ready. The armband doesn’t change much, as everyone knows the message and our thoughts on it. I think it’s strong enough, says the former Atlético and Tottenham player to TV 2.

Summary: Belgium 1-0 Canada

I have to see the family again

De Bruyne had a frustrating night against Canada, even though it was a 1-0 win for the Belgian side.

– That wasn’t good enough of me. It’s so simple. We didn’t play well enough individually and as a team. We have to learn from this and do better in the future, De Bruyne tells TV 2.

After the match, however, he was able to meet the children and the rest of the family.

– I’m glad to see them. We were separated for two weeks, but now they have come here to support me. It’s good to have five minutes with them. It was special for them to be a dad, he says.

Morocco and Croatia played scoreless in the same group earlier on Wednesday.

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