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Were in at a time of destiny for nature, where the next decades will be decisive for the future development of the planet. That is why representatives from every country in the world are now sitting in Canada negotiating an agreement that can save nature.

But the conservation of nature is ensured not just through global agreements. The struggle to take care of the inalienable natural values ​​is also taking place in all the municipalities of the world, in Drammen, in Viken and in the national governments. Only by all local communities doing their job can we save nature. Drammen must do his part.

Why what is at stake is the very foundation of our lives. All parts of society are completely dependent on nature to function.

Unfortunately choose one the majority of politicians in Drammen are now losing nature by going ahead with an irresponsible spatial plan that proposes to build large areas of vulnerable nature and topsoil. An unmissable nature that contains wonderful animated wonders, insects, moss, bogs, forests, beaches. Ancient arable land that gives us the ability to secure our people in times of crisis.

nature and the soil still has no powerful social interests fighting its cause.

There is nobody lobbyists in expensive suits who come to the Storting or Drammen Town Hall to talk about the importance of the local Hundred Meter Forest. Nature does not invite politicians to network on rental boats where champagne and crayfish are served. Although champagne and crayfish are completely dependent on an ecological balance so that we can enjoy them forever.

But nature has something much stronger than commercial interests and the eternal pursuit of profit.

He has people with genuine love for the cause, and it was great to see so many people showing this love for nature in Drammen Square this week.

For more and more and more people are beginning to understand that saying no to further degradation of nature does not mean saying no to urban development, new businesses, jobs or quality of life. Saying no to the destruction of nature is actually saying yes. Yes to untouched nature, for all, forever.

most important policy of the century struggle is to take care of our planet. Based on our life.

In our community residence. Of which Drammen and all other municipalities in Norway are a part. That’s why we need even more green local politicians in the city council and Drammen assemblies across the country from 2023. This way we can protect nature, topsoil and everything more which gives us the opportunity to live a safe and enjoyable life.

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