Experian: fewer Norwegians have payment problems

Around 227,000 Norwegians are currently registered with at least one payment advice. This is 9.5% less than at the start of last year, writes Experian in a press release.

At the same time, the average amount of a payment notice has fallen from NOK 31,000 at the start of the year to NOK 34,000.

– We are in a troubled world situation, where many are more financially conscious. Interest rates are rising, energy costs are at record highs, and food prices are skyrocketing. This forces the vast majority of us to accept our own consumption and prioritize differently. Perhaps the numbers we’re seeing now show people taking more responsibility for reducing financial risk by prioritizing only what’s necessary, says Experian analyst Julie Berg.

The total amount outstanding was NOK 60 billion in January, while at the beginning of October the amount was NOK 58.5 billion.

The total number of payment advices in January was 1.6 million compared to the end of September, when the corresponding figure was 1.53 million. That is a decrease of 4.7%.

The counties of Troms and Finnmark and Møre and Romsdal have the largest declines with 13 percent.

– Trends also vary by age group. It is the elderly who still owe higher amounts. It was only for those under 25 that the amounts began to decline, Berg says.

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