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– Now we are going to watch funny movies, said the girl’s mother Extra magazine. She adds that, given the circumstances, her daughter is doing well.

Filippa, 13, was reported missing in Kirkerup, Zeeland, on Saturday after she failed to return home as agreed after finishing her newspaper rounds. Extensive police resources were deployed to search for the girl, and it was assumed that something criminal had happened.

On Sunday afternoon, police announced that Filippa had been found alive. At the same time, a 32-year-old man was arrested. He will be presented in pre-trial detention on Monday. Then we will probably also know what he is accused of.

Police Inspector Kim Kliver was clearly surprised to be able to convey such a positive message to the girl’s parents. At a press conference on Sunday, however, he did not discuss the girl’s condition or what had happened.

“We can be happy that she was found alive, but we mustn’t trivialize what she may have been exposed to,” Kliver said.

Police also arrested two other people in the case, but they were later released as there was no indication they had anything to do with the disappearance.

Sunday evening, many police officers were still present at an address in Korsør, in the far west of Zealand. It’s unclear whether this has any connection to the disappearance, but Filippa was reportedly found alive shortly after a police-escorted ambulance departed.

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