Flag, embassy | The Canadian embassy has therefore put its flag at half-mast since the end of May.

For several months, the Canadian Embassy has flown its flag at half-mast in front of its office in Wergelandsveien and at the embassy residence in Slemdalsveien. Why didn’t everyone understand?

In an email to AO, the Canadian Embassy confirms that the Canadian flag was lowered to half-mast in all public buildings in Canada and abroad on May 30 of this year when they found the remains of children in the former residential school in Kamloops, Great Britain. Colombia Canada.

– We fly the flag at half-mast to remember all the Indigenous children who were sent to boarding schools in Canada, to remember those who never returned, and to remember all the families who were changed forever, writes the embassy and specifies:

Boarding schools were part of a racist and colonizing policy that alienated Indigenous children from their communities, families, culture and language. Canada must never forget the innocent children lost to colonization and this is Canada’s commitment to the path of reconciliation.

BBC writes, among other things, that an estimated 6,000 children died while attending these boarding schools and that the children often lived in poorly constructed, poorly heated and unsanitary homes.

It is not yet clear how long the flag will be kept at half-mast, but according to the Canadian Embassy, ​​the Prime Minister of Canada recently stated that flags would not be flown until an agreement was reached with the indigenous leaders of Canada. that it is time to raise them to continue the work of reconciliation.

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