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If you haven’t been able to discover the fantastic rock band Genesis when the band was at its peak in the 70s, now you have a fantastic opportunity for an equally unique experience.

The group The music Box perform the masterpiece “The Lamb Lays Down on Broadway” exactly the same way as Genesis made after the concept album was released in 1974. At the time legendary Genesis had its strongest lineup consisting of Pierre-Gabriel (vocals, flute and various instruments), Steve Hackett (guitars), Mike Rutherford (low), Tony Banks (organ, piano, synthesizer) and Phil Collins (drums, vocals)

Here you can listen to Genesis’ “Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”:

The concert will take place at Sentrum Scene in Oslo on November 23, 2022

Who is The Music Box?
Photo: The Musical Box performs Genesis “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”

this explains Phil Collins single band:

“The Musical Box is a group of artists who over the years have painstakingly recreated various periods of the early years of Genesis with incredible precision. In the beginning, when we were invited to see and experience a band playing some of our stuff, I was very surprised how they played it BETTER than us. These days there are a few bands that do that, but at the top of the heap is The Musical Box”

“By using the original rear projection images from our old show, they now benefit from technology that was not available to us at the time. We’ve probably only run a handful of shows (at most) where everything worked as it should. Now, God willing, you’ll see the performance as it should and could have been at the time if the projector hadn’t caught fire, or if the operator hadn’t mistakenly pressed the wrong button and quickly transferred the slides to the next song!!! Hey, it was the 70s, remember!!! Hats off to the boys and their team…they took over and it’s here to see it all. Enjoy it”

The music Box (which incidentally takes its name from Genesis his song of the same name on the album “Nursery Crime” (1971) hail from Montreal, Quebec in Canada and were formed in 1993. The current line-up consists of Denis Gagne (vowel), Francois Gagnon (guitar), Sébastien Lamothe (low), Ian Benhamou (keyboard) and Marc Laflamme (drums). The concept of the band is to recreate the performances of English rock band Genesis from the 1970s.

It would be wrong to categorize the band as a cover or tribute band. It would probably be more correct to describe them as a concept group. And you will understand if you make the trip to live this unique experience. The group recreates the entire masterpiece “The Lamb Lays Down on Broadway” down to the smallest detail, musically and otherwise Genesis performed the show on stage with all the effects under their “The Lamb Lays Down on the Broadway Tour” which was carried out in the United States and Europe between 11.20.1974 and 05.22.1975. As part of the European tour also played Genesis in Ekeberg Room in Oslo on February 19, 1975.

Photo credits : Tony Morelli – Genesis performing live at the Auditorium Theater on November 20, 1974.

In May 1974 approached Genesis himself his most ambitious project: writing and recording a concept album. A lot of work went into preparing for the show and the whole new album had to be performed live. Jane Highfield designed elaborate costumes for the show. To “La Lamie” she made a one-piece white jumpsuit and a large fabric cone with designs of woman-headed snakes. She made a famous costume for “Colony of Slippermen” which had a pneumatic system to inflate the testicles and a few other bits. “Slipperman” arrived on stage crawling through a long transparent inflated cylinder that passed through an open hole in the stones at the back of the stage. She also made a mask of her face Rockr for the dummy used in “this”.

The stage was designed by Ian Knight and consisted of 3 rear projection screens, four differently shaped risers for the musician and two additional risers for Peter to sing. A formation of four rocks in the center of the stage completed the scenery. Wireless, understated, no visible amplifiers, with all the pyro effects and black lights hidden in two large black boxes on the floor, the most striking “prop” and the beautiful battery that looks almost like a sculpture.

Alan Owen was a lighting designer. He introduced a few special effects, including some gobos used for “In the Cage”. Slides illustrating the whole story were projected on 3 screens behind the musicians during the show. Most of the photos were taken by Geoffrey Shaw and Theo Botschuyver under the close supervision of Pierre-Gabriel. A photo session was also taken in New York in the summer of 1974. The 1,124 slides were placed in 19 cassettes and projected by 7 projectors.

Now you can experience it all down to the smallest detail at Sentrum Scene in Oslo on November 23, 2022

In July 2000 obtained The music Box a license of Genesis and Pierre-Gabriel recreate “The Lamb Lays Down on Broadway”. Never before has any other band been granted these rights. This further underlines the quality and uniqueness of the performance of the masterpiece “The Lamb Lays Down on Broadway” will remain during the concert. It will be a very unique program. rock experience.

When The music Box started the very difficult work of recreating “The Lamb Lays Down on Broadway”, the first task was to find the instruments and equipment to recreate the sound, including; an RMI keyboard, a Synthi Hi-Fly and various percussion instruments. Another double neck guitar was to be made. Access to by Michael Rutherford original guitar and the acquisition of a rare Micro-Fret 6-string bass contributed to a faithful reproduction. The visual reconstruction was based on over 1,000 photos and slides. A few Super 8mm films made it possible to better understand the choreography and the general atmosphere of the show. Finally, thank you Genesis and the people who worked on the original ride, the remaining questions have been answered.

All elements of the show have been recreated with meticulous precision. “Slipperman” alone required almost 2 months of work, where every detail was carefully rendered by hand. The restoration of “Lamie” presented other difficulties. First you had to find the drawings on the cone. This was then reproduced on a special type of fabric. Many models, including one full size, were needed. The music Box received a copy of the 1,120 slides used in the original Genesis Tour. It took more than a month to restore them and find them in the songs. A month of pre-production was needed to put everything together and rehearse the show in its entirety. Modern technology was used to synchronize slides during the show and to add tracks and sound effects. The show is still very complex. The actors must follow a precise synopsis, and certain costume changes involve special logistics.

“The Musical Box recreated, very accurately I must say, what Genesis was doing. I saw them in Bristol with my children, so they could see what their father was doing at the time”Pierre-Gabriel

You don’t want to miss this!

The concert will take place at Sentrum Scene in Oslo on November 23, 2022

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