Hans-Christian helped the man who fell on the train tracks in Oslo S: – There were many everyday heroes there

HELP: Hans-Christian Mykestul was among those who helped the man who fell on the train tracks in Oslo S.

By chance, doctor Hans-Christian Mykestul (43) was in Oslo S when a man fell into the train tracks.

He was waiting on the platform when the afternoon train to Lillehammer arrived at Oslo S on Friday.

A man was standing a meter or two away. Suddenly, the man fell between the platform and the train.

Myklestoul heard the brakes of the train squeal and, by pure reflex, he turned his back on it.

– I was sure that it would be necessary to recover the person in several parts. It was fierce to see how what turned out to be the bag crashed into the undercarriage of the train, he tells VG.

DOCTOR: Hans-Christian Mykestul works as a specialist in general medicine at Lillestrøm Medical Center.

I didn’t think there was hope

Several of the witnesses VG spoke to said they believed the man was going to lose his life.

Even Mykestul, who works as a doctor and specialist in general medicine, didn’t think there was hope.

When the 43-year-old man and a few other passengers present at the scene nevertheless received an unexpected sign of life, they did everything they could to save the injured person.

Answer from the slot

Several witnesses told VG that when the train stopped, a man on the platform threw himself down and asked the man on the track to stand still.

To his surprise, Myklestul heard a response coming from below the train tracks. Then he turned around. He wanted to secure the scene of the accident, he said.

– I went to pull the emergency brake and was helped by another to do so. Then I tried to get an overview of the damage site.

A lady was on the phone with 113, he says, and in the meantime Myklestoul sent away the curious who came.

SIN: The fallen man was helped by several people standing on the platform. Picture from: VG-TIPSER

– There were several everyday heroes, health workers and others here who gathered to help before the ambulance arrived, the 43-year-old told VG.

Once the scene of the injury was secured, Myklestoul lay down and spoke to the injured person.

– The injured man had a few cuts, but the injury is far from being as serious as it could have been, explains this 43-year-old man, who occasionally works in the emergency room and regularly follows training in emergency medicine.

Together with one of the other assistants, he had the injured person’s backpack removed so that it was possible to climb onto the platform.

Mykestul had the person examined from head to toe while waiting for an ambulance which he said arrived at the scene very quickly. Relieved, he could see that it seemed to have gone much better than anyone had feared.

– He was stunned and surprised. That’s how you should expect someone to be when they’ve been through something like this, the doctor said.

Police said after the crash the man “incredibly only had minor injuries”.

– It is undoubtedly the happiness of today, said the director of operations Tore Solberg.


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