Horror accident on a treadmill: – Had to amputate

A woman had to have her leg amputated at an airport in Bangkok, Thailand on Thursday after being caught in a conveyor belt, reports The Guardian.

The 57-year-old Thai passenger was about to board an early morning flight from Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport to Nakhon Si Thammarat province when she crashed her leg in one of the terminals.

FIXED: Woman does not step off treadmill. She was sent straight to the hospital after the amputation.
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Director: – Sincere condolences

A medical team quickly arrived on the scene and decided to remove the left leg above the knee, according to the airport spokesperson.

– On behalf of Don Mueang International Airport, I would like to express my deepest condolences regarding the accident, airport manager Karun Thanakuljeerapat told a press conference following the accident.

I tore up the kitchen floor - I got a shock

I tore up the kitchen floor – I got a shock

– We pay

– We must ensure that such an accident does not happen again, continues Karun.


The manager says the airport takes full responsibility for the woman’s medical costs and will be open to negotiations for further compensation.

The medical team at the hospital informed Karun that they could no longer save her amputated leg and that the woman had requested to be transferred to another hospital for reassessment.

Denmark sent two fighter jets to the wings after the message.
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At the end of the treadmill

Photos shared on the internet show the woman’s lower leg trapped under the treadmill.

The woman got stuck at the end of the treadmill and had her leg pulled by the comb-shaped part of the treadmill where you usually step off.

Karun says suitcase wheels were found below the belt, but it was unclear how this could be related to the accident.

He says the conveyor belts at the airport are checked daily, with an additional inspection every month. The conveyor belt where the accident occurred is now closed and a team of engineers have inspected it to determine the cause of the incident.

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