In four years we will play () in Canada, Mexico and the United States – sport

The Qatari World Cup is behind us, and in less than four years the next FIFA World Cup will be the first of its kind in history – it will be held in three countries and a record number of national teams will play there.

The best players in the world will be hosted by Canada, Mexico and the United States. For the first time, no less than 48 teams will participate in the competition (instead of 32).

It is already estimated that the North American World Cup will bring FIFA $11 billion in profits; in Qatar, the turnover was 8 billion dollars.

Next year, world football authorities will decide the rules for the group stage of the US World Cup. There are several proposals, of which two are the most probable: the first is the current solution, where the two best teams come out.

However, there is a lot of talk about the possibility of three teams playing in a group, and two teams would be promoted, and then the knockout system would already apply.

It is not yet known where the opening match and the final itself will take place. The event will host 16 cities.

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