It happened in Ukraine last night

* The European Commission is proposing new sanctions on Russian oil imports, officials confirm to the DPA news agency. The sixth sanctions package includes a ban on EU companies buying oil from Russia. It intends to phase out Russian imports into the Union. The package could be adopted in the next few days.

Here you can read all about the war in Ukraine

* Russia has decided to boycott a meeting of the UN Security Council with the EU’s Political and Security Committee later in the day, according to diplomatic sources.

* Ukraine’s president said in his daily video address that 156 civilians managed to get to safety yesterday after being evacuated from Mariupol. Today, continued evacuations are planned from Mariupol, as well as three other locations, security permitting.

* Ukraine claims that Russia stole 400,000 tons of grain from occupied areas of four regions. The amount represents about a third of grain stocks in these regions, according to the Ukrainian government.

* At least 27 people have died in a traffic accident in western Ukraine, according to the country’s authorities. In addition, at least twelve people were injured in the collision between a bus, a minibus and a tanker loaded with gasoline. The accident happened in the Dubno district, about 100 kilometers from the border with Poland.

* Last night rocket attacks were reported against Lviv in the west of the country near the border with Poland. Two people were reportedly injured. The attack cut off the city’s power supply. Later, airstrikes were also reported against a region in central Ukraine, as well as two regions in the south-west of the country, but no details of the destruction.

* Russian forces carried out several attacks targeting railway infrastructure in Ukraine. Six stations suffered major damage yesterday, according to the country’s railway company.

* A total of 21 civilians were killed yesterday in Russian attacks in the Donetsk region, according to Ukrainian authorities. This is the highest daily death toll in Donetsk since the rocket attack on Kramatorsk railway station in April, in which 50 civilians were killed.

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