Latest From The Moose Warfront: Mac the Moose Is the World’s Largest Moose Again

For a year, Norway and Canada have been fighting to have the tallest moose statue in the world. The “moose war” continued possibly viral and has been mentioned by a number of international media.

The ten-meter-tall “Storelgen” on Highway 3 in the municipality of Stor-Elvdal turned out to be 30 centimeters taller than Mac the Moose in Moose Jaw, Canada.

But Canadians have been on the trail of the Moose War, and the website Things reports that Mac has new woods.

– The antlers fit the moose perfectly! It took us a month to get to the new size and make a mold. We have been doing this on and off since June. I did not calculate the number of hours spent, but it is a lot. It took longer than expected, says Rion White in a video interview with The Canadian Press.

He explains that they wondered if the new deer antler, which he calls “world record antler”, would be suitable for Mac.

– It’s about three times bigger than the previous one, so we wondered if it was too big. But when it came together, I thought, “We did it!” White continues.

And with the new helmet in place, Mac l’Orignal will once again be able to claim the title of largest moose in the world.

– Canadians will be able to bask in the glory

– It’s good that we were involved in getting them to make an even bigger moose in Canadais the immediate reaction of the mayor of Stor-Elvdal, Terje Hoffstad (Ap), when ABC Nyheter transmits the news.

He says they had a good dialogue with the rival in the “moose war”, and that Stor-Elvdal won’t do anything in the first place to “fit out” the ten-meter-tall Great Moose.

– We made a deal where we agree that they have the biggest moose, but then they have to agree that we have the brightest and most beautiful, Hoffstad says and continues:

– Canadians will be able to bask in glory for a few years, so let’s see in the future if we want to do something to strengthen the Big Eel.

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Stor-Elvdal marks Canada’s National Day

The mayor says that the municipality will receive a visit from Canada next week, which is a sign that the hatchet is buried, for now.

– We will have a visit on October 15 as part of Canada’s National Day. Moose Jaws marked May 17, and we will be celebrating their National Day here in Stor-Elvdal.

– If we continue our rivalry in the future, it will be on a friendly level anyway. Both parties are happy with the attention we are receiving, the mayor points out.

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