Media: Wagner chief still under investigation for sedition

Foreign Minister: – There are great uncertainties

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt said the situation in Russia is still unpredictable.

On Saturday, the Wagner Group launched a rebellion against military rulers in Russia. But before reaching Moscow, they called off the uprising. The Wagner Group reached an agreement with President Vladimir Putin after the mediation of President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus.

It’s unclear what the deal entails.

The foreign minister said she had been in contact with Norwegian diplomats in St. Petersburg and Moscow about the dramatic day.

– The situation on the streets in Russia is proceeding more or less normally. But most Russians, like us, have a lot of questions. What is the consequence? We don’t know, neither for the Russian people nor for Putin’s regime. There are also great uncertainties linked to this agreement with the leader of the Wagner group, specifies Huitfeldt.

– It is therefore clear that because the war in Ukraine is going so badly for Russia, there will be instability in our neighboring country. Therefore, we are not surprised by what is happening. We’ve seen it can happen, but we wouldn’t have thought it would happen then, she says.

120 Norwegians have registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that they are now in Russia.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs repeats that they advise against going to Russia and Belarus. She says it is currently not appropriate to introduce a travel ban.

She doesn’t want to speculate on what might happen next in Russia now.

– We are considering different scenarios. The situation as it currently stands is changing hour by hour, she said.

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