Police: 31 foreign neo-Nazi protesters deported to Sweden and Denmark

A total of 35 people were arrested. Four of them were Norwegian. The others are foreign citizens who have now been deported to Sweden and Denmark and were escorted out of the country on Saturday afternoon.

– All persons brought in were fined NOK 8,000 for disobeying the police order. The police also decided on deportation from Norway. The 31 people belong to a group of self-proclaimed Nazis, Oslo police wrote in a statement.

The police write that several of them were masked and in uniform with effects belonging to the Nordic Resistance Movement. 24 were flown to Sweden, one was picked up by his parents and driven to Sweden, while six were flown to Denmark.

According to Filter Nyheter, the neo-Nazis arrived at the National Theater on Saturday afternoon, before walking up the Karl Johans gate to the Storting. There they took Løvebakken, gave a speech and paid their respects to Vidkun Quisling while flags were waved, then moved on to Pilestredet.

When they failed to comply with the police order to stop the marking, the police had to use force to control them. No one was hurt. According to Filter Nyheter, the tagging took just over 40 minutes.

On Sunday, there was an anti-racist counter-demonstration outside the Storting, where city councilor Raymond Johansen, among others, appealed.

– It is important to turn our backs on Nazism and it is important to emphasize that Oslo must be a generous and inclusive city, Johansen tells NTB.

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