– Prince Charles should abdicate after comparing Putin to Adolf Hitler

(Dagbladet): Prince Charles’ comments during a private conversation in Canada, during which he compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, sparked strong reactions.

Traditionally, politics, especially foreign policy, is very taboo for the royal family.

– Must abdicate Some are advocating that the 65-year-old renounce the throne.

– If Prince Charles wants to make controversial comments on national and international politics, he should abdicate and run for office, says British parliamentarian Mike Gapes on Twitter.

Former British Ambassador to Russia Tony Brenton believes that the prince made a “grotesque exaggeration” in comparing events on the Crimean peninsula with the actions of the Nazis during the Second World War.

A revelation for the Russians? But Brenton also admits that the prince’s comment could cause Russians to open their eyes and reconsider their own policies – since Hitler is the Russian public’s ultimate monster.

– This will be echoed in Russian circles. The Russians have taken control of Crimea and are now discussing what to do next. The fact that some people perceive him to be behaving a bit like Hitler will perhaps help them to reconsider this policy a little, Brenton told the BBC.

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