Rakel’s bike ride ended in asphalt – Attacked by seagulls:

– I was exposed to a seagull attack. It was absolutely awful. I would almost call it a shock experience. Yes, it was completely wild, says the hammer woman, who first told her story to the local newspaper HAVE.

Sæternes was cycling to the store, when she suddenly found herself in a situation where loud, approaching seagulls were circling above her.

LUCK IN LUCK: Rakel Sæternes thinks she was lucky to come out of the seagull attack with scratches. Photo: Private
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– Suddenly, I had a blow in the head. The first time, I managed to stay on the bike, but when the seagull plunged into my head for the second time, I fell directly on the asphalt, the unfortunate woman tells Dagbladet.

– Lucky

She still came out with a scratched nose, abrasions on her elbow and leg, and a yellow and blue body here and there.

– In this sense, I was lucky, because it could have gone very badly, says Sæternes, who adds that the bike took a hit.

Now she would like to warn others, as she is by no means the only one in her neighborhood who has reported approaching seagulls.

– It’s probably because they have children, so you have to be careful. Now I may be the only one who went to the ground, but a neighbor also encountered aggressive seagulls on a bike ride, says Sæternes.

After the unpleasant encounter with the asphalt, she was driven home by someone who witnessed the accident. He could tell her that her daughter had also been bothered by seagulls on a bike ride.

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– Creepy

The Norwegian Environment Agency indicates that the gulls are mainly noisy during the nesting period, which in most of the country extends from May to mid-July. If you disturb the seagulls, the noise will last longer.

Authority has the following to say about seagulls approaching people:

– Seagulls diving can be terrifying. This is precisely why they dive, to keep you away from their young, but they are not dangerous to humans, writes the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Management’s advice if people are to be disturbed by approaching seagulls is to hold one hand up, possibly hold an umbrella or something else you might have handy.

Then the seagulls won’t dive so close.

Additionally, the Norwegian Environment Agency claims that there have always been seagulls in urban areas.

The reason seagulls are more visible in the cityscape than before is that they have learned that it is easier to survive in the city.

Here there are fewer predators on the nesting grounds and it is easy to find food among detritus and leftovers.

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