Ready to fight. Stefano Lavarini named the ME team

Stefano Lavarini announced the squad for the European Championships. There are a lot of stars in it, with Joanna Wołosz and Magdalena Stysiak in the foreground.

The tournament started yesterday with a match between Italy and Romania, the result of which we could not include in this edition. It will end on September 3 and will take place in four countries: Estonia, Belgium, Germany and Italy. The Poles will start the competition on Friday in Ghent, Belgium with a clash with Slovenia. Then they will play against the Hungarians (August 20), the Serbs (September 21), the Belgians (September 22) and the Ukrainians (September 24).

“The work with my staff has not changed. When we start preparing briefings and studying the opponents, we are always focused on each game. We will therefore start with our first opponent, Slovenia, because our team history shows that we are shaped by difficult and important first games in the tournament, which gives us confidence from the first steps and makes us perform better in the following matches. This was the case during the Nations League with Canada or during the last World Cup with Croatia. This is why we are currently focusing the most on Slovenia – he said Stefano Lavarinicoach of the Polish national team.

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“We are of course aware that it is a difficult group. I don’t have to introduce Serbia to anyone, because everyone knows what kind of team it is. Then there is Belgium, who, despite having slipped up last season and not taking part in the VNL competition this year, remain an experienced team in international tournaments Ukraine have played several tournaments at a very interesting level, while Hungary is still little known to us. We absolutely have to focus on each of our opponents, match by match.” Lavarini was slow to announce the final championship squad. The team is full of our stars, such as Joanna Wołosz, Magdalna Stysiak, Agnieszka Korneluk and Maria Stenzel. However, Malwina Smarzek is missing. However, it was the Italian coach who revealed it earlier.

The 27-year-old striker took part in friendlies with the Turks, but suffered a foot injury and Lavarini decided to leave her out of the squad, despite seeing her in the receiving position. – Me and “Mali” agreed that going to the tournament after only two days to adjust to a position that Malwina is not used to is not enough time for both of us to gain confidence in the opportunity to participate in an important tournament, and rather adapt at the last minute to this position – explained the Italian.

Martyna Czyrniańska, who had health problems, will also be missing. Weronika Szlagowska, who won the bronze medal at the Universiade a few days ago with the academy team, was named in her place in “emergency mode”. Her presence in “14” is the biggest surprise. Szlagowska, however, already has some first-team experience – at last year’s world championships she fulfilled the role as a substitute perfectly.



Joanna Wolosz, Katarzyna Wenerska.


Magdalena Jurczyk, Agnieszka Korneluk, Joanna Pacak, Kamila Witkowska


Monika Fedusio, Martyna Łukasik, Olivia Różański, Weronika Szlagowska


Monika Galkowska, Magdalena Stysiak


Maria Stenzel, Aleksandra Szczyglowska

photo. Marta Badowska/Pressfocus

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