The last message: – Not long left

Harrison Gilks ​​(18) from Fredericton in Canada sparked a lot of interest when he spoke about this deadly cancer.

He had received the bad news that he was going to die, but that didn’t stop the young man from dreaming.

He decides to make the last months of his life an adventure.

Harrison wanted to check off as many items as possible on his bucket list. He was able to do this with the help of the local community and other monetary donations.

He shared his latest journey on TikTok, where his profile still has over 300,000 followers.

Over the past eight months, the community of Harrison has raised funds to help fulfill his last wishes. This included a helicopter flight over New York, meeting with Montreal Canadiens hockey players, a Los Angeles Rams football game and sunbathing in Mexico.

A last goodbye

Harrison died last Thursday and his last message to followers on TikTok was shared on March 22.

– The cancer has spread to the liver and lungs, and it is very difficult to breathe. Doctors say I don’t have long left. I will probably stay in the hospital for as long as I have left. Thank you for all of your support, he says in a heartbreaking video.

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