The President of the Storting: The Storting will of course pay

On Monday it became known that the Norwegian Tax Agency estimates that the Storting owes more than NOK 1.3 million in employer tax. The issue was discussed at the Presidency of the Storting on Tuesday. After a meeting with the parliamentary leaders, the presidency clarified that the Storting would pay.

– The Storting takes the notification for information and will now examine it thoroughly. We will of course pay the employers tax when a final decision is made, Storting Chairman Masud Gharahkhani (Ap) says in a text message to NTB and several other media outlets.


It specifies that the amount of the employers’ tax in question depends on the outcome of the final decision for the individual representative.

In addition to the Storting paying too little tax for employers, 28 Storting politicians received claims for arrears from the Tax Agency in connection with the commuter housing case. As well as 17 former ministers, state secretaries and political advisers.

The President of the Storting says in a message to the NTB and the media that TB and The daily that the Presidency of the Storting has initiated a number of processes to ensure transparency, oversight and scrutiny of financial arrangements for Storting representatives.

To clean

The Presidency writes in the message that it is now important to strengthen confidence in the Storting as an institution.

– We need to build trust in the Storting as an institution. We believe that the tax audit will contribute to this, he says.

– The Storting is in the process of cleaning up to ensure arrangements are appropriate and should not be misunderstood, and through this to build trust in the Storting, says Gharahkhani.

System failure over time?

The Presidency stresses that the tax audit and the investigation by the National Audit Office will also uncover system failures over time in the practice of the Storting.

– Several representatives who were advised acted in accordance with the information they received from the administration of the Storting, says Gharahkhani.

The Presidency now asks the administration of the Storting to maintain the dialogue with the tax authorities. This is to obtain the necessary advice in connection with the preparation of new financial arrangements through the appointed representative arrangement committee.

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