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They said it wasn’t applicable, but it’s still no surprise that the Audi A1 now comes with four-wheel drive.


When it arrived last summer, Audi said it had no plans to give the A1 all-wheel drive.

Which would make this car the only Audi without Quattro. The car is based on the same platform as the Volkswagen Polo, and they said it was not relevant to prepare it for a four-wheel drive system.

Tested in Canada

This is no longer true. Already at the Paris Motor Show last fall, they hinted that there were plans to make a Quattro edition.

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These days, Audi is testing an A1 with Quattro in Canada.

Audi says in a press release that the A1 will be the first car in its class with four-wheel drive.

Come before Mini

It’s conceivable that they want to give Mini a head start, as there are rumors that the All4 system that recently came with the Mini Countryman derivative will also be fitted to Mini.

The A1’s system is similar to that of the TT and A3, where the car is essentially front-wheel drive, when the front wheels lose grip the rear wheels are activated via a hydraulically operated clutch on the rear axle .

Audi does not specify when the car will be released, but writes that it is ready for production.

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