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Cape Verde’s government announced on Wednesday that it was the first to respond to a call from FIFA to name a stadium in Monte Vaca on the island of Santiago after legendary Brazilian footballer Edson Arantes do Nascimento Pele, who died on Thursday.

As the Prime Minister of Cape Verde José Ulisses Correira e Silva announced, from Wednesday the national stadium located in Monte Vaca on the island of Santiago will bear the name of Pelé.

The head of government of the former Portuguese colony explained that naming the national stadium after Pelé was due to the long history and common culture of Cape Verde and Brazil.

“Our countries hold hands, seeing each other as sisters, linked by language and having very similar identities,” the prime minister of the African country wrote in a statement on Wednesday.

Correia e Silva pointed out that Pelé, who has become a “global icon”, has proven that sport has the power to unite the world.

He explained that the decision of the Cabo Verdean authorities is a response to the call made on Monday by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who, during a vigil at the coffin of Pelé in the Brazilian city of Santos, called on the associations around the world to name sports facilities after the former player.

“The most important thing now is to celebrate King Pele. I would suggest that all of our 211 Member Associations name at least one football stadium or venue after him,” Infantino said.

Pelé, the only player in history to win three world titles, was buried in the city of Santos in southeastern Brazil on Tuesday. A mausoleum is to be erected at the place of his burial in the near future.

Author: Marcin Zatyka (PAP)

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