Twitter will soon launch its new verification system: here’s how it works

One of the big changes announced when Elon Musk took over Twitter was that the service would introduce a new paid verification system. It is now just around the corner, and in this regard, Elon Musk has shared more details, reports among others CNN.

As usual, the announcements took place in a relatively informal series Twitter messagingwhere Musk confirms that the new verification service will launch next Friday.

Secondary logo

The new Twitter boss clarifies that there will be a gold-colored verification badge for businesses, a gray badge for government institutions and a blue badge for individuals – both celebrities and “ordinary” people.

Musk says in a other message that what qualifies as “important” people is a subjective assessment, and that is why all individuals will be given the same label.

However, individuals can add a small secondary logo that shows that they belong to a particular organization or institution – if they have already been verified by the organization in question. This will likely be explained in more detail over the week, Musk says.

Additionally, the Twitter official says that all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before brands are activated on the account. He describes this major task as “painful, but necessary”. The type of wait time we are talking about for verification is unknown.

The initial attempt to launch the new verification service was not entirely painless. Shortly after the Twitter Blue feature was activated, a large number of verified accounts appeared posing as other people, including celebrities such as Elon Musk himself.

Accounts deleted

This led to a large-scale deletion of Twitter accounts and a stern warning from the boss himself.

– From now on, any Twitter account pretending to be other people without specifying that it is a parody will be permanently deleted, Musk wrote in a messageand added:

– In the past, we used to send warnings before deleting accounts, but now when we roll out deep account verification, there won’t be any warnings. This will become a clear condition for being able to use Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue in its current form is a subscription service that costs $8 a month to use. The service provides a blue verification stamp and early access to new features, such as the ability to edit messages.

Twitter Blue recently rolled out to iOS, but so far only in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. on which you can read support pagesnot all features are available on all platforms yet.


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