United States, Justin Trudeau | Canadian think tank sounds alarm on US civil war

AUSTIN, TEXAS (Nettavisen): The Canadian government think tank Policy Horizons Canada is issuing a warning about the situation in the neighboring United States.

In a new report the think tank presents 35 different scenarios that Canadian politicians should prepare for. The Civil War in the United States is one of them.

He brings back Policy. Hundreds of officials and experts were interviewed in producing the report.

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“Plunges the country into a civil war”

The warning regarding the neighboring country is as follows:

“Ideological divisions in the United States, democratic erosion and escalating domestic unrest are plunging the country into civil war.”

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Policy Horizons Canada considers that the scenario of a civil war in the United States is unlikely, but that it would have a major impact on Canada if it occurred.

John McArthur, who sits on the organization’s committee, told Politico the warning could show the deep anxiety Canada currently feels about U.S. policy.

This does not have to mean another civil war between the states in the style of 1861. The professor also points out that it depends on how one defines civil war.

At the same time, he emphasizes that he was speaking on his own behalf and not on behalf of the organization.

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Several alarming scenarios

In the foreword, the organization writes that it is probably not possible to predict what will happen next. It is therefore essential to explore the disruptions that could arise.

“Even improbable events can suddenly become reality,” writes director Kristel Van der Elst.

The ten most likely scenarios presented in the report are also quite alarming. Among other things, they warn of an ecosystem collapsing, billionaires running the world, artificial intelligence spiraling out of control, cyberattacks destroying critical infrastructure and that people will no longer be able to assess what is the truth.

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