Vipps, Sintef and Google are the most attractive places to work in the country – this is how they succeeded

Academic Work conducts the survey annually YPAI (Young Professional Attraction Index), which measures attractiveness based on employer reputation, success, and progression. And so students, recent graduates and those in the early years of their careers find the company or company an attractive place to work.

The survey results show that there are more newcomers to the top ten list this year. The podium is divided between the companies that all made it into the top ten, also last year.

First place makes a real difference to eighth place last year. This year, SINTEF can boast of a YPAI victory.

Smart with podcasts

– It’s great fun to win this survey. And I usually say it’s not particularly surprising, but it’s because I think it’s so much fun to work here myself,” said SINTEF CEO Alexandra Bech Gjørv at KOM24.

She says they, compared to many others on the list, are a relatively small organization with few employer branding resources.

Karoline Lorentzen and CEO Alexandra Bech Gjørv, at SINTEF.

– This is why it is important for us to say concretely what we do and to make ourselves as visible as possible.

Something SINTEF has done with the “Smart Explained” podcast and more activity in social media channels.

– In recent years, we have employed more people in communication, we are present at job fairs and career days for young people and we have our “Summer Researcher” program. We also often recruit young people.

Last year, 300 people joined SINTEF, most of them young people.

– At the same time, we have sent 150 others, who are using their SINTEF experience in business and the public sector.

Social media manager Karoline Lorentzen said she has increased her activity on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. And that these platforms create more visibility for SINTEF.

– We also see that the podcast gives good results and a good overview of what we do here, she says.

The podcast set a record for number of downloads and recently surpassed 200,000 downloads.

– Completely raw

Tech company Vipps jumps from seventh place in 2021 to second this year.

– We are incredibly grateful to finish on the podium. That’s generous feedback to get, a satisfied people and brand manager at Vipps, Even Westerveld, tells KOM24.

Top 10 YPAI:

2021 2022
Microsoft SINTEF
Google Whoops Google
Aker solutions NRK
Bouvet DNV
Sopra Steria Equine
Whoops Norwegian hydropower
SINTEF Kongsberg Group
Tina Microsoft
IBM Sopra Steria

This year, there are several newcomers to the top 10 most attractive workplaces for young people.

The company takes second place in this year’s YPAI award. A five-place jump from last year’s result.

– It’s completely raw! It is a very solid platform that is characterized by players with meaningful tasks in environments where you can develop and grow. We are proud to be in such good company.

– And it shows that everyone who work here really passionate about the brand, which is important so that we can continue to build a loved brand and an exciting place to work.

Not top managed

Vipps has 258 people. None of these work in an employer branding department.

– We don’t have a separate department that only works on employer branding – it’s something the 258 Vipps do together.

Because according to Westerveld, the brand is created by the people who work at Vipps.

– When people have fun at work, they like to pass it on to their friends and acquaintances. And that’s how we create a strong work culture, says Westerveld.

He thinks marketing and career days serve as an extra spice, but more important is how employees feel at work – every day.

– It is important to us that people appreciate the community and the culture that they have is a part of. Over the past year, we have had eight employees come back to the business, which is a lot for us and very rewarding.

But like all workplaces, Westerveld is clear they have challenges too.

– It cannot be avoided, andthen we have difficult discussions internally, but we are deeply involved internally. It shouldn’t be top-down with us – and it’s important for the culture.

Not tempting with pizza

Third place goes to last year’s silver winner, Google.

– Employer branding – in the form of big pizza budgets to keep students bored through endless company presentations, we do little of that, says Sondre Ronander, communications manager at Google Norway at KOM24.

They are very happy to be on the podium.

– The fact that we still score high tells me that employer branding in the form of a clear mission, that what the company does resonates with people, works so well on its own.

At Google, they have a clear mission.

– It is about making global information universally available and useful. It’s a mission that many people can find meaning in, and which you can also see through services like Search and Maps – products that help make everyday life easier for millions of people every day.

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