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The donors’ conference, which takes place between the countries of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group, takes place this week in the Danish capital.

With regard to direct arms donations, the British Minister of Defense, Ben Wallace, has, among other things, promised several long-range artillery systems of the MLRS type. In addition, the British promise M31A1 missiles that can hit targets up to 80 kilometers away. The goal is for Ukraine to be able to fight Russian artillery.

Norway has also promised that it will now contribute to a British program under which it will train Ukrainian soldiers in the use of modern weapons systems. Here, Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden are also providing support.

In addition, Norway welcomes an initiative by Iceland to set up a demining training project in Ukraine.

Denmark, the host country, is now contributing an additional 820 million Danish kroner, which is well over a billion Norwegian kroner. This amount means that Denmark’s total aid to Ukraine since February exceeds NOK 4 billion.

German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz promised on Thursday that Germany would both send a large quantity of weapons and provide additional financial support to Ukraine. Scholz says Germany is also in talks with the EU over plans for rebuilding Ukraine after the war.

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