Arnold Schwarzenegger with a clear message to Putin

Hoping to reach uninformed Russian citizens who don’t know what’s really going on in Ukraine, Arnold Schwarznegger posted a nine-minute long video on his own Twitter profile. Schwarznegger is a bodybuilding icon, has achieved worldwide fame as the star of several Hollywood films, and is a former Governor of California.

In the video posted on Twitter, the 74-year-old explains to Russian soldiers and citizens what is really happening in Ukraine. He also has a clear message for Vladimir Putin.

love russia

Ever since 14-year-old Arnold Schwarznegger met Russian powerlifter Yuri Vlasov, he has had a special love for Russia. This relationship has only grown stronger over the years, after several trips to Russia, both during his career as a bodybuilder and as an actor.

– I had nothing but affection and respect for the Russian people. Their strength and their heart have always inspired mehe says, and continues:

– Therefore, I hope you will let me tell you the truth about the war in Ukraine and what is happening there.

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– A senseless war

“There are things going on in the world, terrible things that you should know about,” Schwarznegger said.

He says that the Russians are not being told the truth about the consequences of this war for Russia. Soldiers lose their lives, Russian equipment is abandoned and destroyed. The strong economic sanctions that have been imposed on the country.

– This is not war to protect Russia. It is an illegal war. Their lives and their future are threatened for a senseless war, he says, before delivering a clear message to the Russian president.

– You started this war, you are fighting this war, you can stop this war.

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Lots of misinformation

Several Russian citizens have recently opened their eyes to what is happening in Ukraine. Thousands of Russians have been arrested during protests and soldiers, who invaded Ukraine, said they believed they had been brainwashed before being sent to Ukraine. Earlier this week, Russian journalist Marina Ovshannikova demonstrated against the war, when she interrupted a state-controlled television news program with a sign calling for an end to the war.

Nevertheless, many are still misinformed by the Kremlin, and have no idea what is happening on the other side of the border.

These are the ones Schwarznegger wants to reach.

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