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More Apple workshops in Norway

Apple is expanding its iPhone repair services across Europe. 07/13/20 – 1:48 p.m. Apple is expanding its independent repairer program so more people can access repair services. The program allows businesses of all sizes to offer iPhone repairs using genuine

– A light point – E24

A quarter of entrepreneurs have a national origin other than that of Norway, according to new figures from Statistics Norway. CEO of Abelia, Øystein Eriksen Søreide. Photo: Abelia/Ilja C. Hendel Published: Published: November 24, 2020 Copy link Copy link share

The state won in the Gassled case – E24

The State did not make an error in reducing the prices of the Gassled pipeline network, finds the Court of Appeal. Giant foreign funds claim to lose billions. LOST: The state won against investors in the Gassled case, after investors

Statoil oilsands director moves – E24

The director of Statoil Canada, Lars Christian Bacher, is evolving in the management of the group. CALGARY, CANADA 20110310. Lars Christian Bacher, President of Canadian Operations at Statoil’s office in Calgary, Canada. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix Photo: Gorm Kallestad