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Huawei, 5G | Huawei founder warns Norway:

– I don’t think you should buy goods and services based on political factors. Infrastructure-related products have long life cycles. If you fall behind at the start, it will be difficult to catch up. These words come from Ren Zhengfei,

Huawei security director leaves Norway – E24

Tore Larsen Orderløkken says it has been a “challenging and educational” year for the Chinese electronics giant. He will now become Posten Norge’s new head of information security. END: Tore Larsen Orderløkken leaves his position as head of security at

German technology will help Norwegian railways

At home, Thales is probably best known for the Skrinlegger Flexus Card electronic ticketing system – an expensive and poorly planned project by the then public transport company Oslo Sporveier. Thales France was the supplier. The group has now changed

Increase the result tenfold –

In the second quarter, Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS accounted for 88 million of the group’s 134 million operating profits. Director Håkon Volden does not want to speculate on why the Finnmark department farms salmon much more profitably than the Rogaland,

The smallest four-wheel drive Audi – E24

They said it wasn’t applicable, but it’s still no surprise that the Audi A1 now comes with four-wheel drive. TESTED: Currently the only Audi A1 with Quattro being tested in Canada. Photo: Audi Published: January 12, 2011 Updated January 12,