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Mahkáš-eamiálbmogat lassánit Amerihkas – NRK Sápmi

Ovdal juovllaid muitalii NRK ahte olbmot geat eai ane iežaset sápmelažžan leat ožžon jienastanvuoigatvuođa sámediggeválggain Norggas. Sámediggi lea dan geažil meardiran iskat man stuora váttisvuohta dát lea. Ja from USA eai leat from Canada amas áššit. Maŋemus jagiid leat olu

Kilde drove very hard – won in Canada

Watch Kilde drive to victory in the video window at the top! Aleksander Aamodt Kilde has never been on the podium at Lake Louise in Canada. That changed after Saturday’s downhill race. The winner of the super-G and the downhill

De Bruyne frustrated at TV 2:

None of the World Cup captains arrived on the pitch in Qatar with the ‘OneLove’ bandage wrapped around their arm. Belgium captain Eden Hazard, who belongs to one of the seven countries in the World Cup campaign, told TV 2

The great WC guide: Group F:

True to tradition, team B also sailed all groups for this championship. As the World Cup kicks off on Sunday, November 20, you can read which teams will be fighting for the biggest trophy that can be won in football.