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The Survivor – Filmmagazinet

USA/Hungary/Canada 2022 Direction: Barry LevinsonWith: Ben Foster, Vicky Krieps, Peter Sarsgaard, Danny DeVitoGender: DramaFirst: July 15th The survivor is a depiction of the Holocaust by director Barry Levinson, who in his time gave us rain man, Walk the dog and

Fløystad elected head of NSR – NRK Sápmi

– It is important that the new Board of Directors works to strengthen the finances of the organization. Then we will also increase recruitment and have more members, Fløystad tells NRK. She believes that the organization will manage it. Fløystad

First podium in three months

– It’s quite overwhelming to take third place. It’s been a battle this season with the car and as a team, says Hamilton, and thanks those working behind the scenes. – We are getting closer and just have to continue,