memories | Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association Nino Berdzouli, Measuring and understanding maternal mortality in Georgia. Recipes from the Department of Clinical Medicine. Debate 4/29/2022. Judging committee: Jette Led Sørensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Lill Trine Nyfløt, Drammen Hospital and Oslo University Hospital, and Per Ole

Opinions: Nature has become my salvation

Nature helped me enormously when my psyche was at its worst. That’s why I encourage everyone who inspires outdoor living. TAKE NATURE TO USE: “I have become more resilient in the face of daily challenges,” writes Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen. Photo: Private

Ottawa – Four children found dead

Canada is shaken by a massacre in the capital Ottawa; Four children and two adults were found dead in an adjoining apartment yesterday evening local time, reports public broadcaster CBC. Man arrested It was 11 p.m. local time on Wednesday

First HiH students in Canada –

– We study tourism. Of course, we must then go out and discover the world, they say. Ina and Ingrid are only waiting for visas from the Canadian embassy in London. – We will spend the entire spring semester in