Canada’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs

On Tuesday, Chrystia Freeland took office as Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Freeland is of Ukrainian origin and is one of 13 Canadian politicians who have been denied entry to Russia since 2014.

The Canadian Prime Minister reshuffled the cabinet on Tuesday as part of the Canadian government’s preparation for Trump’s arrival as president of the United States. He writes Radio-Canada International.

Criticism of Putin and refusal of entry
Freeland is of Ukrainian descent and considers herself a Ukrainian-Canadian activist. She speaks Russian and Ukrainian and has lived in Moscow for four years. She is an open critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since 2014, Freeland, along with 13 other Canadian politicians, have been denied entry to Russia.

Former Minister of Commerce
Chrystia Freeland was international trade minister before the shuffle and was, among other things, responsible for getting Canada to sign an economic trade agreement (CETA) with the EU last year. She retains this responsibility in her new position as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Donald Trump has said he wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, the United States and Mexico in order to improve conditions for the United States. If this cannot be done, he will cancel the agreement.

75 percent of Canadian exports go to the United States.

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