how to discover hockey, a true national sport?

Canada is a country renowned for its natural beauty, cultural diversity and love for hockey. Ice play is much more than just a sport, it is a true national passion. If you are planning to visit this magnificent country, you cannot miss the opportunity to experience hockey up close. Here are some tips for discovering and getting to know this legendary sport in an authentic and exciting way.

Attend a hockey game of Canada’s legendary teams

To discover this game in all its splendor, there is nothing like attending a match between two emblematic teams of the country. The sport is an integral part of Canadian culture and National Hockey League clubs are dear to the hearts of Canadians. For example, you can book an activity such as the possibility of attending a NHL game in Montreal to live an authentic experience.

Teams like the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs are legends of this league with a rich and exciting history. Witnessing a duel between the two is unforgettable. The atmosphere in the hockey stadium is electric, with chants, cheers and sometimes even battles on the ice. Canadian fans are some of the most enthusiastic in the world and they know how create a memorable atmosphere.

From Vancouver to Toronto, some of the best places to experience hockey

Vancouver is a vibrant city on the west coast of Canada, known for its magnificent landscapes. Here, the Canucks are blessed with a passionate fan base. Attend a game at Rogers Arena is an unmissable experience. After the meeting, stroll around the city and visit its lively bars and restaurants, where you can chat about the game with the locals. Edmonton is home to the Edmonton Oilers, a legendary team.

If you can, visit Canadian Hockey Museum and discover the rich history of this sport. Don’t hesitate to join a local game if you have time. As for Toronto, it is the largest city in Canada and home to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Attending a game at Scotiabank Arena is an experience that cannot be judged. You can also discover this game in Ottawa, the capital. Take advantage of your visit to explore the city’s historic sites, including the Parliament of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History.

Prepare your equipment and head out into the field for an unforgettable experience!

Attending a hockey game is one thing, but why not take it to the next level by hitting the ice? Many cities offer open access sports grounds, where you can play with locals and other tourists. To practice it safely, having the right equipment is essential. In particular, you will need:

  • skates,
  • a helmet,
  • a visor,
  • a neck protector,
  • shoulder pads,
  • gloves.

A protective shell and a hockey stick are also essential. It is strongly recommended that you purchase your equipment from specialist suppliers or rent it from local stores. Make sure it meets the safety standards required to preserve your body while allowing optimal performance. Once equipped, launch out to feel the bite of the ice beneath your feet.

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