A small rule change leads to big pay increases – check how much more you can get in salary

A change in the collective agreement in 2022 means that more teachers and kindergarten teachers can earn up to NOK 100,000 more per year.

Eddanningsnytt wrote about how several teachers are now changing jobs in order to trigger large pay increases.

The reason for these violent wage hikes comes from a slight change in the main tariff agreement in 2022, which many are not aware of. The change also applies to kindergarten teachers, so they too will be able to receive a similar pay increase if they change jobs.

From May 2022, any previous professional experience, even if you have worked in a private company, counts towards seniority when a kindergarten teacher is employed.

Here you can learn more about why teachers need to change jobs in order to trigger a pay increase.

For example, if you were a cashier at Kiwi, worked for a few years as a weigher or in a fish factory, this should now count as seniority when you get a teaching job. Or if you are a professional teacher with extensive experience in the private sector before becoming a teacher. If you were employed before May 2022, this was not the case.

How much additional amount are you entitled to if you have work experience approved under the new rules? Check here:

Check how much more you can get in salary

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