Accomplices to genocide: Canadian imperialism and fascist barbarism

The following speech was delivered by Keith Jones, National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Canada), at the May 1, 2024 International Web Convention, held on Saturday, May 4.

The international Web Convention of May 1, 2024

There are events that suddenly reveal fundamental truths about a complex social phenomenon hitherto hidden by the mystification and lies of the ruling class. One such event took place on September 22, when the Canadian Parliament and assembled dignitaries, including Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and diplomatic representatives of Canada’s G7 allies, rose in unison to give a standing ovation on Ukrainian veteran of the Waffen SS, aged 98. Yaroslav Hunka.

Facing an international outcry, Canada’s Liberal government and union-backed opposition parties later claimed that their praise of Nazi Hunka as a “Ukrainian hero” and “Canadian hero” was an unfortunate mistake. .

What a despicable fraud!

The mobilization of the political descendants of the Ukrainian fascists, who collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust and their war of extermination against the Soviet Union, has been at the heart of the efforts of the Western imperialist powers to encircle and subjugate Russia.

Canadian Parliament applauds Yaroslav Hunka, former member of the Waffen-SS. Canada’s Chief of Defense Staff, General Wayne Eyre, is on the far left.

Ukraine’s far right spearheaded the February 2014 coup orchestrated by Washington and Berlin, with support from Ottawa, to overthrow the country’s democratically elected pro-Russian president. Now fully integrated into the Ukrainian military, with the help of Canadian Armed Forces trainers, the Azov Battalion and other fascist militias constitute Ukraine’s shock troops in NATO’s war against Russia. Supporters of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera and his fascist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) occupy leadership positions within the Zelensky regime and Ukraine’s military security apparatus. They are Washington and Ottawa’s fervent supporters of a war against Russia down to the last Ukrainian.

The promotion of Ukrainian fascists by NATO powers stems from the predatory goals and interests they pursue through the war against Russia. As they did in two world wars of the last century, imperialist powers are waging war to seize strategic resources, markets and territories – trying, vampirically, to reinvigorate themselves through an orgy of death and destruction.

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