Allows customers to self-repair multiple products – program coming to Europe soon

Apple has earned a reputation for being sleazy in its approach to repairing its products, including making replacement parts more unavailable than many realize.

Therefore, it came as a surprise when Apple announced its new self-service repair program, which allows iPhone customers to order parts and tools from a separate online store and thus repair themselves. the cellphone. The scheme is being extended, reports Apple on its website.

Coming to MacBook

Mac laptops, specifically MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, are now also covered by the home repair offer. At the same time, the company confirms that the program will arrive in Europe later this year, but without specifying a specific date.

Apple’s new arrangement involves the customer first reading the repair manual, which will be made available online, and then ordering parts and tools from a separate online store – the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store. This store will offer over 200 parts and tools.

Once the repair is done, you can return the used component for recycling, and according to Apple, this will give you a discount when you purchase the new parts.

The program is aimed at technicians with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices, Apple points out. In other words, it is not certain that the offer is appropriate to use if you are completely inexperienced.

For the vast majority of customers, visiting a professional repair center with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts is the safest and most reliable way to get a repair, the company said previously.

Exposed to pressure

Apple has come under increased pressure from the grassroots “right to repair” movement, which works for individuals and independent shops to repair electronics themselves. The iPhone maker has often been described as one of the fiercest opponents of this move, arguing that it’s not safe for individuals to fix their own stuff.

iFixit, a site for independent repairers, tweeted that they “never thought they would see this day” when news broke of Apple’s new initiative, which BBC reported.

As previously reported, Norwegian recycling organization Restarters Norway was positive about the news, but at the same time expressed skepticism about Apple’s unexpected turnaround.

– We hope this is a new direction for the company and soon it will be easier and cheaper to repair Apple products. We’re excited to hear more details on how this will be implemented. It can’t just become a campaign where Apple continues to control all repairs to its products in practice, the organization’s spokeswoman, Anine Dedekam Moldskred, told

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