Anna Odine Strøm best Norwegian in Japan

Norway’s female jumpers were unable to perform at their best at the World Cup in Zao, Japan. Canadian Alexandria Loutitt won the first victory of her career.


Eirin Maria Kvandal was among the best in training and perhaps the one with the highest hopes heading into the race.

National team coach Christian Mayer decided that Kvandal should jump from three ledges lower than the others in the first half. This time, she failed to take advantage of it. She landed at 88.5 meters and therefore did not reach the length required to obtain the compensation points. So she must have been 96.5 meters.

In the second half, she jumped from two ledges lower than most, but reached 94 yards and climbed six places.

Kvandal was still no better than the third-best Norwegian in 14th place.

Anna Odine Strøm was the best. She finished in 6th place after 215.1 points and jumps of 91 and 88.5 meters. Thea Minyan Bjørset was number 13 and Silje Opseth number 19.

Canadian Alexandria Loutitt won with 240.3 points after 98.5 and 95 meters. She was 8.5 points ahead of Austrian power jumper Eva Pinkelnig in 2nd place. Third place went to Austrian Chiara Kreuzer.

Loutitt had never been on the podium in a World Cup race before Friday’s triumph in Japan.

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